Twitch channel points without watching Twitch!

Twester watches Twitch and harvest channel points for you!
Free & Open Source 🎉

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Unlimited Streamers

  • Add unlimited streamers to streamers list and Twester will watch them* and harvest channel points for you.
  • Streamers tab to manage streamers list and check their stats (time watched, points harvested, is online/offline, twester watching).

* Twitch allows max 2 livestreams to be watched at a time. Twester will pick the highest priority streamers to be watched.

Minimal and Intuitive UI

  • Minimal dashboard. Start and pause Twester will a click of a button.
  • Event logs about all the things you need to know. Example, when a streamer goes offline or online, when channel points are earned, when Twester starts or stops watching a livestream and more.

Features to come in future

  • Predictions - Twester will make predictions based on your preferences.
  • Analytics - Visual representation of channel points earned for a streamer.

How it works?

  • Twitch rewards channel points for a lot of reasons. Twester earns channel points by mainly “watching” a streamer.
  • Twester earns channel points for the following
    • Watching
    • Active watching (bonus redeemed by click)
    • Watch streaks
    • Participating in a Raid
  • Twitch allows users to watch and get channel points for maximum of 2 streamers at a time. That’s why Twester asks you to keep the streamers on Streamers tab sorted(top to bottom) based on priority. Twester picks the 2 streamers from the list with highest priority that are online and “watches” their livestream.
  • To “watch” a livestream, Twester sends a “minute watched event” request to Twitch’s API for that livestream. Twitch uses that request to know which user has watched a livestream for a minute. After several of these requests, Twitch rewards the user with channel points.